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What is Treasury Management?

The treasury function is an integral component of efficient portfolio management, but often overlooked. Why? The resources, knowledge, and costs needed to address the problems in-house are too big.

Treasury encompasses many functions. For most hedge funds it includes oversight of liquidity, cash management, cost control, and PB relationship management. For others, it might include stock loan, swaps, clearing, wallet management, corporate actions, FX hedging, and more.

Whatever the focus, the amount of data is vast, and every provider calculates and delivers it in a different way.
Kayenta aggregates, normalizes, and verifies the data into a treasury management system that delivers the relevant information, provides flexibility in how it is viewed, and offers accuracy and insights that can be relied on.

Why use a Treasury Management System?

Managers have a fiduciary responsibility to their investors to control all aspects of their business. Having access to financing reports is one thing, but controlling the associated costs and exposures is far more complex.

Hedge funds must pay their prime brokers for the services they receive, and it is estimated their collective financing fees alone are more than $30bn a year. But few understand the profitability of the business they are giving, if there are simple ways to reduce the overhead, or indeed if the billing is even accurate.

Transparency delivers competitive advantage. Kayenta’s treasury management technology helps hedge funds manage their balances to minimise costs and counterparty exposures while maximizing liquidity and the profitability of their relationship for prime brokers.

How does Kayenta’s Treasury Management System work?

Kayenta’s technology provides the information to make data-backed decisions, but each investment manager has unique needs. With bespoke solutions for clients of all strategies and sizes, you only need pay for the tools you value.

A one-man operations team managing a single strategy has very different requirements to a treasury team supporting a multi-billion-dollar, multi-strategy global hedge fund platform. With a low-priced core offering and optional modules, Kayenta’s clients only pay for the treasury management solutions they extract value from.

Analytics are delivered through a Cloud native user interface that can be accessed anywhere, with an API-first approach to foster scale. Built on hub-and-spoke architecture, data is securely segregated in client specific environments that take advantage of Microsoft Azure’s 3,500+ cybersecurity experts.

What differentiates Kayenta?

With over 150 years of collective experience in capital markets and hedge fund financing, the Kayenta team have first-hand knowledge of the needs and challenges for both hedge funds and prime brokers.

Led by CEO Chris Hagstrom, previously Head of Global Financing Services for UBS in the Americas, the team have worked in the treasury seat at hedge funds and at leading prime brokers in roles including stock loan, swaps, equity finance, structured derivatives, and relationship management.

Supporting them is an Advisory Board with some of the most experienced individuals in hedge fund financing. Collectively they provide extensive knowledge and insights on the market, guidance on the changing environment, and recommendations for the product roadmap.


Trusting the data is critical.

With accuracy of output being dependent on accuracy of input, Kayenta can connect to a client’s most trusted source of position data. Those positions are then processed through an independent and proprietary accrual engine to calculate the associated costs.

This reliability enables clients to instruct actions with confidence, and with a unique understanding of the resultant impact to costs and relationships. Furthermore, finance billing can be compared and discrepancies reconciled before they accrue into meaningful breaks.


Collaborating with the product expertise of others enables Kayenta to deliver a best-in-class solution, and for the benefit of all.

Trying to be all things to all people is dilutive to quality of service, so at Kayenta we focus on what we know and partner with companies who are best-in-class in their respective fields to deliver the complete treasury solution.

Optimal relationships benefit both parties and, with prime brokers suffering rising operational costs and increasing regulatory constraints, thoughtful allocation of balances has become more important than ever. Through a granular understanding of each party's needs, Kayenta helps direct balances to where they are most valued.

Most importantly, our clients are our partners and we want to learn from their experiences. Adapting to their feedback and needs is a cornerstone of our approach and will ensure Kayenta continues to develop the most relevant treasury management solution for the market.


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