Transparency through Technology

The hedge fund Treasury Management System

Kayenta aggregates, normalizes, and verifies data into a treasury management system that delivers relevant information, provides flexibility in how it is viewed, and offers accuracy and insights that can be relied on.
Managers have a fiduciary responsibility to their investors to control all aspects of their business. Having access to financing reports is one thing, but controlling the associated costs and exposures is far more complex.
Kayenta’s technology provides the information to make data-backed decisions, but each investment manager has unique needs. With a low-priced core offering and optional modules delivered through a Cloud native user interface, Kayenta’s clients only pay for the treasury management solutions they extract value from.
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Financing Wallet
Financing Wallet
Stock Loan benchmarking
Stock Loan benchmarking
Billing Compare
Billing Compare
Outsourced Trading
Outsourced Trading
Kayenta's technology has added immediate benefit to our treasury function and is offered at a very attractive price point. The product brings incremental efficiencies to our existing operations and has been implemented with very little burden on my own team's time.
David Zirin
Chief Operating Officer, Pentwater Capital Management
The sophistication, depth of analysis, and unparalleled accuracy make Kayenta’s TMS unlike any system that has come before it.
Ian Brock
Prior Treasurer, Viking Global Investors
What Kayenta is doing is really exciting - they have taken a management team with a ton of experience, coupled with a modern technology framework. It can really be game changing in the treasury space.
James O’Connor
Chief Operating Officer, Aperture Investors
For 14 years I have spent countless hours a month dedicated to reviewing reports and manually creating files to upload. You have just cut my time down immensely, from hours each month-end to minutes. I honestly cannot thank you enough!
Elizabeth Doherty
Treasurer, Pentwater Capital Management
Kayenta are creating a comprehensive treasury technology solution that's fit for the future. It's clearly built by individuals who understand the needs and nuances of this market, and while we are not currently a client, we remain close to the team as we're excited to see the products in their development pipeline.
Mark Bailey
Global Head of Portfolio Finance, Two Sigma Investments
In my personal and commercial experience, I firmly believe that Kayenta are developing best in class technology for the hedge fund treasury space. They are a deeply experienced team and utilising their knowledge to develop tools that address the pain points hedge funds suffer, while also optimising for the needs of their prime brokers. It is an innovative and reliable solution to an increasingly important function in today's environment.
Fraser McIntyre
Former COO at Cantab Capital Partners, former interim CFO at Quadrature Capital Limited
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